Florianopolis in Low Season

I have a bit of a dilemma. I don’t know exactly where in Brazil we were. I suppose we were in Florianopolis but not really in Florianopolis. I guess it’s the same dilemma people from the South have when some one asks them if they live in Joburg. If you need clarity on what a Southerner is¬†read this blog.

Florianopolis is a city on an island called Santa Catarina on the southern part of Brazil. Everybody who has been there raves about it because it’s a beautiful place to be. Surfer dudes come out in droves for the waves and the beach sand is nice and soft for the swimming impaired. Then to top it off the sun sets over a massive lagoon which makes you want to sigh out loud and sing.

This is the kind of place where you park yourself on the beach, kick off your havaianas and say ‘bugger the rest of Brazil, I’m staying here for a month’. Everything about Florianopolis was perfect. Except for one small detail.

It was low season and it rained 90% of the time.

So we wore hoodies to the beach instead of sarongs. And we spent more time in the backpackers than anywhere else.

Cold and wet on Mole Beach

Mole Beach, Florianopolis. A rare excursion out.

But we still had fun and here are some of the highlights:

  • Sunset Backpackers. Arriving in low season meant getting a 10 sleeper dorm room all to ourselves. Bonus.
  • The Party Bus – an old school bus that took us from the backpackers to some random bar in town. It blared old school music from the 70’s and 80’s and had disco lights to match. You cannot leave this bus without several bruises and whiplash.
  • Learning the dance moves to Nossa Nossa. This song is everywhere in South America and people go moggy over it.
  • Telling randoms that Jenny is a professional surfer sponsored by Rip Curl. Don’t believe me? Google it.

I would love to see what Florianopolis would be like in mid summer. I can just image the hordes of people wearing tinie tiny bikinis and speedos. I can imagine beach parties with bonfires, sexy dancing and caipirinhas flowing. I can imagine me with a tan (haha…ja right). Oh well, just means I will have to come back again one day.

p.s ¬†Please don’t tell me you tried to google Jenny.

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2 thoughts on “Florianopolis in Low Season

    • Oooooooh that makes sense…I was confused! Thanks Luci! But what does Floripa refer to? Is that just the nickname or what?

      It was so lovely meeting you girls – thanks for the dance lesson!

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