Amazing Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires was all that it was cracked up to be. We knew we were in for a treat as soon as we arrived and met our fellow Saffa mate with blood shot eyes and smelling like the previous night’s jol. “This place is crazy, people stay out partying until 10am” he said. It was then that I actually became a bit nervous.

Now I like to squeak some serious takkie every so often but I started to have some doubts whether I could even handle the BA nightlife. People only go out to clubs from 2am onwards and going home earlier than 6am is considered a bit lame. My doubts intensified as soon as one of our dorm mates looked at me with complete horror when I told him I was 26. “You’re so old” were his precise words I remember.

I definitely gave the BA night scene a good shot. I partied at the hostel and then continued to the clubs like all the other the lighties. I never made it past 6 though. By the end of the night I would look at my watch and think “stuff it, I don’t have anything to prove, I’m going home. I don’t care if I’m old and this granny needs to sleep”.

At the end of the day (and maybe this is a sign of getting old) but I don’t see the point in waiting until 2am to go out. The later you stay out means the later you will spend sleeping in the next day. I don’t want to waste an entire day sleeping in, especially being in such an awesome city like BA.

There is so much to do in BA that there is no way I could spend all day in bed. Here are some of the highlights from being proactive during the day

Tango Evening

Ok, so not technically a day time activity but it began at 8pm which is practically the afternoon in BA. The evening started out with a tango lesson before dinner and show. I had imagined myself tangoing with some sizzling latino wearing super tight pants and a rose in his mouth. My hopes were dashed when I had to partner with Jenny. At least the dinner came with uncapped wine so I took full advantage for that.

Tango Class Buenos Aires

Tango. Girls only.

Football Game

The Argentinians are obsessed with football. We went to watch the local team River Plate against the Northern Argentinian team Jujuy. The fans go ballistic chanting and singing through the entire match and everyone is dressed head to toe in the team colours of red and black. The songs they sing are so lively and everyone waves their arms. It was only until now I realised why the rest of the world hated the vuvuzelas during the world cup.

River Plate Football Stadium

River Plate fans having a jol

Sunday Antiques Market

The Sunday Antiques Market takes place on a really long cobbled street and has every kind of nik nak that a market should have. I went on a mission to find leather because it’s supposedly cheap. I didn’t find any amazing leather bags as I’d hoped but I did find an incredible leather jacket.  I’m super stoked with my purchase and now look like a badass.

Leather Jacket

Celebrating leather jacket purchase with some vino

La Boca

La Boca is the working class neighbourhood in BA. There is a famous corner called the Caminito where everyone has to take an obligatory picture. It’s famous because back in the day poor people lived there and painted their homes with any paint they could find. This resulted in all the homes being a multitude of colours and looks very lively. Now the Caminito is filled with tourists, touts and overpriced coffee.

Obligatory Caminito Pic

You must stand here and take a picture.

Recoleta Cemetery

This is a grave site with a difference, it’s like a mini me city. If you are rich and Argentinian then you must be buried in style. The huge monumental buildings housed for a bunch of dead people is borderline obnoxious. In some places you see actual coffins and I was hoping that one of them would be cracked open and we would get to see some rotting flesh. It didn’t happen unfortunately.

Evita's grave in Recoleta

Evita’s Grave

Buenos Aires is going down as one of my favourite cities. I envision myself becoming fluent in Spanish and living the dream in this amazing place. Viva BA viva!



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