Hong Kong Along

We’re not is South East Asia anymore. I thought Hong Kong would be same same but different to SEA. Nope, it’s just different.

Hong Kong is moerse expensive. To put in perspective a pack of ciggies cost R10.00 in Cambodia. They cost R50.00 in Hong Kong (I don’t know how I know this because obviously I don’t smoke…sies). Beers at a pub cost like R60.00. After living the dream in SEA my jaw was on the floor at how expensive things were. Lucky for us though we stayed at Gail’s house. Gail is Jenny’s mate from Varsity and teaches English in Hong Kong. She lives in a shoe box with her flatmate Emma. Their flat hasn’t enough room for a fourth stool let alone four people. But being plebs we made a plan. Thank you Gail and Emma. You guys were awesome :)

Besides the cost of things, Hong Kong is awesome. It’s like Asia’s version of London…but more scenic. It’s so kiff, you have to pretend you’re Rockafeller to survive. So here are some of the kiff things we did spending money we didn’t have.

1.) Hong Kong Pub Crawl 

It happens every Thursday. Cruising around the pubs in Hong Kong going to some weird but very cool places. Our Pub Crawl even included a Flash Mob Dance in the street. We met some randoms, drank some shots, told a whole bunch of lies to said randoms and danced in the street. It was a jol. Highly recommend.

Street Dancing on Hong Kong Pub Crawl

Breaking down some nasty moves on the Hong Kong Pub Crawl

2.) Dai Pai Dong

I had to google  ‘Hong Kong Street Eating’ because I keep forgetting the name Dai Pai Dong. Anyway, its Hong Kongese for street eating. We went to this big hall (so technically not on the street) for some Dai Pai Dong. We latched onto a group who were already going as you have to book a table. If it were just Jenny and I in Hong Kong we would have never done it.  So what you do is sit at a round table and the waitresses keep piling plates of food onto a lazy Susan. It was very delish. There were some things that I wasn’t quite sure of so I’m just going to guess it was poodle.

chicken head

Tasty piece of chicken head for you

3.) Sightseeing and Stuff

We spent a day lurking around Stanley, which is like a beachy side of Hong Kong. It kind of has a Cape Town feel to it. Plus a sandwich was like R80.00 so it had the whole Cape Town pretentiousness to it too. It has a nice little market and some nice views. And I saw the most awesome pair of boots ever. This chick was wearing pink plastic boots with a clear heel. Vom.

Stanley, Hong Kong

Stanley, Hong Kong

We also took a day trip to Macau. I didn’t gamble for numerous reasons. First being I had no money to blow. Secondly, after working for a casino for  over 2 years I have zero desire to gamble. And lastly but most importantly, there is no free booze. So I just looked at all the buildings and walked inside the fancy casinos pretending to be a high roller.

Grand Lisboa, Macau

Jenny and Ross doing a stellar job at holding up the Lisboa Grand in Macau

Hong Kong is brilliant, even though it broke me financially and also played  havoc with my intestines (but nobody wants to hear about dodgy tummy so I’ll leave that out).  When I am rich I will come back and spend all my money here. I’ll buy a fancy house on top of the Peak and get my man-servant to drive me to go shopping at Prada. I will be back, that is for sure.

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One thought on “Hong Kong Along

  1. not shure if gray would enjoy going shopping at prada…..but defenitely a funny picture to vizualize! in it? ;-)))

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