When I think of Cambodia the first thing that springs to my mind is Angelina Jolie in some rural area picking up some orphan with snot running down its face. I thought that Cambodia would be the cultural part of our South East Asia trip.

How wrong.

The first place we went to in Cambodia was Sihanoukville. The backpackers haunt, Serendipity Beach, has as much culture as The Colony Arms. It’s all about the jol scene. The rest of Cambodia may all be rice paddies, temples and history but not Sihanoukville.

How we arrived in Sihanoukville was another story. To cut a long story short basically there were 4 white girls in the back of a sedan and 3 old Cambodian dudes in the front, 2 being in the drivers seat. I’m convinced one guy had his foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake. As an extra safety precaution the supposed real driver sat half his ass on the hand brake.

So back to Sihanoukville (yeah, you try to pronounce that right first time). Its got a beach, some beach bars and a booze cruise. This place is geared for us lighties.

Serendipity Beach

Serendipity Beach

During the day we sat our bums on some deck chairs on the beach and had the locals work us for every cent we had. As soon as you sit down the young girls surround you and get you to buy bracelets, fruit, foot massage and even leg hair threading. I’ve heard of schlebs getting their eyebrows threaded. We topped them with a whole leg threading, on the beach. Beat that Mariah. For free you can be amused by their wisdom. These are some of the pearlers I heard:

Me: Why aren’t you in school?
Girl: I don’t like school, I like boys.

Woman: I don’t want poor boyfriend. I want rich boyfriend (don’t we all sweatheart).

Me: Four Dollars for a bracelet? No man.
Girl: Come on. Open your heart. Open your wallet.

Hawkers on Serendipity Beach

Jenny's getting the full treatment.

As soon as the sun sets it’s time to hit some of the bars. When I discovered that Monkey Republic Bar had Savannah Dry it immediately became my favourite place. You don’t understand, when I saw that little bottle sitting in the fridge I nearly had a little wee. It’s been so long since I’ve had booze that I really enjoy. It didn’t come cheap but it was oh so worth it.

We found Savannah in Cambodia

Sing Hallelujah for Savannah in Cambodia!

The Booze Cruise was also a highlight. Ninety people crammed onto a boat playing doof doof music at full blast. Swimming, dancing and drinking were all things expected. Once everyone was nice and liquored up the local bartenders started pulling their moves on all the chicks. Their success rate was pretty decent I might add. The Dutch girls on board were loving their style.

DJ's pumping the chooooons

DJs pumping the choooons

I’m adding Sihanoukville to my list of places you definitely have to go to if you are young and travelling around South East Asia. It’s a great party place, beautiful beach and awesome people.

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